Raffaele D Elia

Maître assistant - Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines d'Albi-Carmaux (IMT Mines Albi)
Membre du groupe Matériaux et Structures Composites (MSC)
0M08, Mines d'Albi-Carmaux, Campus Jarlard
81013 Albi
Activités de recherche :

Raffaele D’ELIA recently joined the IMT Mines Albi School of Engineering in October 2022 as Assistant Professor affiliated at the Institut Clément Ader laboratory (UMR-CNRS 5312-ICA). He received his PhD in Composite Materials Science from the IMT Mines Albi in 2014 and was appointed as a Postdoctoral fellow at the same institute in collaboration with Safran Ceramics (2014-2015). He pursued his research activities as Research Associate at the ISL – French-German Research Institute of Saint-Louis (2015-2018) and as Research Engineer at IRT Saint-Exupery, Toulouse (2018-2022). His research interests focus on the physico-chemical and thermo-mechanical characterization of composite materials, in order to model their constitutive behaviour and predict their response during their processing. Recent researches have focused on the development and characterization of polymeric foams for aerospace applications in the frame of two projects founded by Horizon 2020 Clean Sky 2 program and IRT Saint-Exupéry. In this frame R. D’ELIA worked on Out of Autoclave processing technologies coupled with thermosetting and thermoplastic foams development, dynamic mechanical analysis and functional characterization. He is currently supervising two PhD thesis on: (i) porosity analysis in RTPs composites (2022-2025) and (ii) TP foaming modelling through supercritical CO2 assisted extrusion (2023-2026). He is author and co-author of 9 papers in international peer-reviewed journals, 20 communications in international (9) and national (11) conferences.

Activités d'enseignement :

Master class, practical, theoretical exercises and projects provided to 2nd and 3rd year Engineering students:

  • Introduction to Finite Element Modelling (2 year)
  • DPE thermomechanical modelling and simulation (2 year)
  • Research project introduction (2 year)
  • Computer Assisted Eco-Design (2 and 3 year)
  • Plate and laminate theory (3 year)
  • Virtual Composite Manufacturing – Visual Environment: PamRTM, PAM Distorsion and PAM Form (3 year)
  • Thermosetting composite processing, kinetic modelling (3 year)


Production scientifique :
17 contributions trouvées

AnnéeTypeAuteurs et titre du documentLiens
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2023 COM d'Elia Raffaele, Leonardo Sanches, Guilhem Michon, Jean-Marie Des. Développement d'un panneau sandwich multifonctionnel à base de mousse expansive pour application en intérieur cabine avion. Foam based sandwich panel development for aircraft interior cabin application JNC23 - Journées Nationales sur les Composites 2023, Besançon, FR [HAL] / [BIB]
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2023 ACL Raffaele D'Elia, Leonardo Sanches, Jean Marie Des, Guilhem Michon. Experimental characterization and numerical modeling of a viscoelastic expandable epoxy foam: Time–temperature transformation and time–temperature equivalence diagrams Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Wiley, 140(23) [HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
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2014 PhD Raffaele D'Elia. Comportement thermomécanique et en ablation d'un béton réfractaire à base de SiC pour applications en propulsion hybride. Thermomechanical and ablative behaviour of a SiC-based refractory concrete for applications in hybrid propulsion [HAL] / [BIB]
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