Clément Ader Institute

Welcome to the Clément Ader Institute (ICA, CNRS UMR 5312) website.
ICA is a research laboratory that focuses on the study of structures, systems and mechanical processes. Our activity sectors are in the mechanical industries with a particular focus on aerospace, space, transportation and energy. Our work usually focus on behavior modeling, instrumentation and the study of the durability of the structures or products considered. A large part of our research focus on composite materials, which play today an important role in structures.



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Job offers
  • Doctorat : Étude comportementale des assemblages serrés dans le domaine élasto-plastique.
    Contact : Alain Daidié
  • Doctorat : Perméabilité à l’hydrogène des composites à matrices organiques aux températures cryogéniques.
    Contact : Olivier De Almeida
  • Doctorat : Tribologie d’Alliages métalliques pour l’aéRonautique obtenus par fabrication additive SLM: Relations procédé - Maro/miCrostructure – durabilité (ICA (Christine Boher)- LGP ENIT (Joel Alexis)).
    Contact : Christine Boher
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