Derniers articles avec comité de lecture (ACL) du laboratoire :
Année Auteurs et titre du document Liens
2023 Florent Grotto, Christophe Bouvet, Bruno Castanié, Joël Serra. Experimental behaviour of aeronautical notched carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastic panels under combined tension-shear-pressure loadings Engineering Failure Analysis, Elsevier, 146, p.107075 [HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2023 Mahfoud Herraz, Jean-Max Redonnet, Mohammed Sbihi, Marcel Mongeau. Blackbox optimization and surrogate models for machining free-form surfaces Computers & Industrial Engineering, Elsevier, 177, p.109029 [HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2023 Zhenhang Wu, Manuel Paredes, Sébastien Seguy. Targeted energy transfer in a vibro-impact cubic NES: description of regimes and optimal design Journal of Sound and Vibration, Elsevier, 545, p.117425 [HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2023 M. Ginot, C. Bouvet, Bruno Castanié, Joël Serra, N. Mahuet. Local buckling on large sandwich panels used in light aviation Composite Structures, Elsevier, 304(Part 1), p.116439 [HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2023 Irvin Séchepée, Paul Paulain, Yuka Nagasaki, Riku Tanaka, Hiroaki Matsumoto, Vincent Velay. Excellent Balance of Ultimate Tensile Strength and Ductility in a Ti–6Al–2Sn–4Zr–2Mo–Si Alloy Having Duplex α + α′ Microstructure: Effect of Microstructural Factors from Experimental Study and Machine Learning Materials Transactions, Nihon Kinzoku Gakkai, 64(1), p.111-120 [HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2023 Seif Eddine Fenni, Alejandro Müller, Dario Cavallo. Understanding polymer nucleation by studying droplets crystallization in immiscible polymer blends Polymer, Elsevier, p.125514 [HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2023 Ahmed Elmasry, Wiyao Azoti, Ahmed Elmarakbi. Modelling and design of hierarchical fibre-graphene nanoplatelets reinforced elasto-viscoplastic polymer matrix composites to improve crashworthiness and energy absorption Composite Structures, Elsevier, p.116705 [HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2023 Jean-Baptiste Orsatelli, Eric Paroissien, Frederic Lachaud, Sébastien Schwartz. Bonded flush repairs for aerospace composite structures A review on modelling strategies and application to repairs optimization, reliability and durability Composite Structures, Elsevier, 304, p.116338 [HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2023 Kevin Cavé, Damien Texier, E. Fessler, Daniel Monceau, Dominique Poquillon. Size Effect on the Tensile Mechanical Behavior of Thin Ti6242S Specimens at 723 K and 823 K Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, Springer Verlag/ASM International, 54, p. 549–561 [HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2023 Seif Eddine Fenni, Mariangela Spigno, Wei Wang, Andrea Costanzo, Alejandro Müller, Dario Cavallo. How nucleating particles migration affects the fractionated crystallization of isotactic polypropylene/polystyrene immiscible blends Thermochimica Acta, Elsevier, 719, p.179407 [HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]

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