Latest articles from peer review journals (ACL) from the laboratory :
Year Authors and title of the document Links
2024 Patrice Longère. Consistent Modeling of Thermo-Viscoplasticity for High-Speed Processes Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering, Springer, ICTP 2023 - Volume 4, p.498-508 [HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2024 Shiqi Wang, Ahmad Batikh, Lucien Baldas, Azeddine Kourta, Nicolas Mazellier, Stéphane Colin, Stéphane Orieux. Computational and experimental study of the synchronization strategies of two pulsing jet fluidic oscillators Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, Elsevier, 369, 115165 (14 pp.) [HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2024 Jadran Čarija, Eduard Marenić, Tomislav Jarak, Mijo Nikolić. Discrete Lattice Element Model for Fracture Propagation with Improved Elastic Response Applied Sciences, Multidisciplinary digital publishing institute (MDPI), 14(3), p.1287 [HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2024 Fanny Gant, Gabriel Seisson, Patrice Longère, Skander El Mai, Jean-Luc Zinszner. High strain rate responses of some metals and alloys using a plate impact driven ring expansion test (PIDRET) International Journal of Impact Engineering, Elsevier, 184, p.104829 [HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2024 Bruno Castanié, Jean-Charles Passieux, Jean-Noël Périé, Christophe Bouvet, John-Eric Dufour, Joël Serra. Multiaxial loading of aeronautic composite structures at intermediate scale: A review of VERTEX developments Composites Part C: Open Access, Elsevier, p.100439 [HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2024 B. Castanié, A. Peignon, C. Marc, F. Eyma, A. Cantarel, Joël Serra, R. Curti, H. Hadiji, L. Denaud, S. Girardon, B. Marcon. Wood and Plywood as eco-materials for sustainable mobility:a review Composite Structures, Elsevier, p.117790 [HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2024 Lanhui Lin, Benoît Vieille, Christophe Bouvet. About the influence of a thermal aggression on the tensile behaviour of hybrid PEEK thermoplastic laminates Composite Structures, Elsevier, p.117945 [HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2024 Hugo Roirand, Alessandro Pugliara, Benoit Malard, Anis Hor, Nicolas Saintier. Multiscale study of additively manufactured 316 L microstructure sensitivity to heat treatment over a wide temperature range Materials Characterization, Elsevier, 208, p.113603 [HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2024 T. Hirschler, Robin Bouclier, P. Antolin, Annalisa Buffa. Reduced order modeling based inexact FETI‐DP solver for lattice structures International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, Wiley [HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]
2024 Vincent Proulx-Cabana, Guilhem Michon, Eric Laurendeau. Parametrization Effects of the Non-Linear Unsteady Vortex Method with Vortex Particle Method for Small Rotor Aerodynamics Fluids, MDPI, 9(1), p.24 [HAL] / [BIB] / [DOI]

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