Metrology Identification Control and Monitoring (MICS)

The MICS group focuses on the development and implementation of dimensional and / or thermal measurement methods / systems. The objective is to propose methodologies allowing the study of the mechanical or thermomechanical behavior of structures, tools or processes of elaboration or shaping of materials by using methods resulting from photomechanics or quantitative infrared thermography. In its work, the group therefore favors the development and use of contactless measurement methods and fields (as opposed to punctual methods) based on optics and digital imaging (cameras operating in the visible spectrum, near infrared or infrared) often associated with parameter identification techniques or modeling. In order to complete non-contact field measurements, the group also implements measurements using Bragg grating optical fiber sensors (weakly intrusive sensors), acoustic emission, ultrasonic sensors or direct “functionalization” of the tested materials (eg by electrical impedance measurement) especially for NDE or advanced NDT.


The scientific activities are split into two research axes :
Axis New optical methods for dimensional and thermal measurements (MOIDMT)
Axis Identification and control of thermal and mechanical properties (ICPTM)


Head: Yannick Le Maoult