Metrology Identification Control and Monitoring (MICS)

MICS team focusses on development of measurements and instrumentations to characterise the photo-thermomechanical behaviour and to monitor materials and structures. The aim is to set-up methodologies to study the mechanical and thermomechanical behaviour of structures and materials manufacturing processes. In this context, the team proposes? innovative approaches of instrumentations and multi-physics simulations.

In its works, the team is interested in the development and the use of non-contact and full-filed measurements methods based on optics and digital images in a data assimilation approach. MICS also implements measurements through embedded sensors or materials functionalisation for structural health and process monitoring (SHM). The work targets multi-instrumented and multi-physics approaches with the simulation and modelling process (demonstrator, digital twins, IA, measurement chain).

For all these missions/issues, MICS is structured around two axes:
Photo-ThermoMechanics (PΘM)
Monitoring and Innovative Measurements (MIM)

Societal issues: Aeronautics, space et new mobilities; Digital and society ; Sustainable development; Energy transition and new routes of matter; Biology, health, well-being : Eco-Health.

Keywords: Innovative instruments; Photo-Mechanics ; Thermomechanics ; Smart materials ; SHM

Head of the Group: Jean-Noël Périé
Head of the PΘM axis: Marie-Laëtitia Pastor
Head of the MIM axis: Philippe Marguerès