Structures and Systems Integrity (ISS)

The research carried out within the Structures and Systems Integrity (ISS) research axis focuses on structures and systems in their conditions of use and failure. The studies concern in particular the nonlinear dynamic response of slender structures and complex systems (rotors for example), as well as the response of structures to accidental overloads (e.g. impact), including large deformations and deformation rates. To carry out this work, numerical methods and methodologies for highly nonlinear structures, materially and geometrically, are developed.

  • Topic 1: Vibrational dynamics of structures and systems
    Keywords: passive control of structures, Non-linear Enery Sinks (NES – nonlinear springs, vibroimpact …), damping, functionalized materials, resonant and unstable systems, vibratory regime in fluid-structure interaction, cables, vibration of machining ,


  • Topic 2: Structures under severe conditions
    Keywords: fast loading (high speed impact, lightning impact), dynamic rupture (X-FEM), adiabatic shear bands, continuous discrete modeling (SPH, particle methods), damage rupture transition, massive metallic glasses, metal alloys, polymers


  • Topic 3: Numerical methods in computational mechanics
    Keywords: multiscale, global-local coupling, non-intrusive, domain decomposition, HPC, rupture (X-FEM), multigrid, model order reduction, isogeometric analysis (IGA, NURBS), digital image correlation, model validation, identification, inverse problems, image based models.



Leader: Jean-Charles Passieux
Co-leader: Guilhem Michon