The shared platform for high-speed impact testing on materials and structures for aeronautics STIMPACT was inaugurated on 16 March 2017 at the Institut Clément Ader. This equipment enables ICA researchers to carry out impact tests on test pieces of various sizes up to structural elements representative of the actual scale.

It is the result of close cooperation between the Institut Clément Ader (ICA, CNRS/Université Toulouse Paul Sabatier/INSA Toulouse/ISAE-SUPAERO/Mines Albi-Carmaux), Airbus and the IRT Saint Exupéry formalised by a framework agreement for pooling resources.
Equipped with three gas launcher guns, the STIMPACT platform allows representative tests of all types of impact or threats encountered in aeronautics. Testing is monitored by the use of 6 fast cameras.[See more…]

• Impact speed: 20 to 800 m/s
• Mass of projectiles: 10 g to 2 kg
• Target sizes: 0.1 to more than one metre wide


Leaders : Jean-François Ferrero and Patrice Longère