ICPTM axis

In this axis, the emphasis is placed on the use of measurements to identify thermomechanical constitutive parameters, to evaluate the material health or even to control processes. Measurements of kinematic fields (eg Digital Image Correlation – developpements in coll. with MS2M) and thermal fields (eg Infrared thermography – cf developpements in MOIDT) are preferred. They allow the study of the thermomechanical behavior of materials or structures under conditions close to that of their use. The use of Non-Destructive Testing techniques (X-ray, X-ray microtomography, Ultra Sound, Infrared thermography) is in this context considered both as a means of monitoring the material health (Coll. ICA-MSC et LGP), as an aid to sampling, but also for characterizing the structure / µ-structure of the solids studied.

Other sensors (eg Bragg gratings) or monitoring techniques (eg Acoustic Emission) are also used. They allow a continuous monitoring of the structure (from its manufacture to its final rupture), and gathering information in the volume. Finally, the use of the material as a sensor (eg electrical impedance monitoring – Coll. ICA-MSC et LAAS) and its functionalization are also considered. In particular, the use of new luminescence techniques is being considered. The production of X-chrome materials is for example in progress (e. g. mechanochrome or thermochrome materials, coll. with MOIMDT and more broadly the SUMO group and IFTH)

Axis Team – Head : Jean-Noël Périé