Key words : 2D and 3D Computer vision, data fusion, digital image processing, control and monitoring, DIC, contactless dimensional measurement, cobot, NDT, contactless thermal measurements, quantitative IR thermography, advanced metrology, optical and thermal properties of solids, functionalized materials.

The team works mainly on :

  • – 2D or 3D vision techniques operating in the visible spectrum, this for the control and / or monitoring of structures or parts of assemblies (eg analysis by cobot of aeronautical structures), for the measurement of shapes or deformations (eg DIC at room temperature or at high temperature) and more recently on approaches using the “deep learning machine” for multi-sensor data fusion and assistance in multi-criteria data analysis.

  • – Contactless thermal field measurements using infrared cameras (passive and active infrared thermography) and tools for characterizing optical and thermal properties in connection with the problem of accuracy of these infrared measurements (quantitative thermography) and the implementation of input data for computational models used in the lab.

  • – Approaches using functionalized materials for the measurement of deformation and temperature fields under certain conditions and applications.

The figures 1, 2 and 3 that follow illustrate some aspects addressed by the team, some of these activities are also linked to the MICS ICPTM team :

Figure 1 : Activités en vision, contrôle et surveillance, mesures
de champs dimensionnels sans contact

Figure 2 : Activités en mesures de champs thermiques sans contact (thermographie infrarouge quantitative / collab. Avec MSC)
Figure 3 : exemple de caractérisations menées par l’axe et travaux sur les matériaux fonctionnalisés (« sondage » thermique et déformations / collab. Avec SUMO)

Axis Team – Head : T.Sentenac / staff : D.Texier ,CR CNRS (with SUMO), R.Bonnaire (with ICPTM), J.J Orteu, T.Sentenac, Y.Le Maoult, J.M Baleynaud (with ICPTM).