PΘM axis

PΘM axis Team – Head : Marie-Laëtitia Pastor

Photo-ThermoMechanics (PΘM) :

Our works aim at characterising the behaviour of materials within structures or during manufacturing in particular through the analysis of kinematic and thermal field measurements. In this context, complex multi-instrumented experiments are implemented addressing different scales and physics for the purpose of data assimilation.

Scientific and technical fields: : 2D and 3D kinematic full-field measurements; Thermal full-field measurements; Measurement coupling; Thermometry and InfraRed Thermography (IRT); Stereo-Digital Image Correlation (Stereo-DIC); Digital Volume Correlation (DVC); Multi-physics simulation; Model identification and updating.

Applicative fields: : Materials and structures characterisation; Process monitoring; Multi-materials including composites and architectured materials; Extreme environments and temperatures.

Keywords: : Digital Image Correlation (DIC); InfraRed Thermography (IRT); Multi-instrumentation; Digital twins; Data assimilation.